Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Furnishing Tips for your Home

Photo Courtesy: Causa Design Group

Furnishing your home is the most satisfying and refreshing chore.  There is no need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to furnishing this particular space.  Furnishing it can be fun and entertaining to your entire family.  Each and every room shows your personality; though it depends on the way you have furnished each specific room.  So getting your family involved while furnishing can be fun. They can also bring various creative ideas that you wouldn't have thought of before.

The furniture is the main part of a furnishing, and shopping for the same type can become confusing, With so many options and so many different varieties of materials, and then adding in the budget, everything can become a burden.   A little research can be of great help here, and easy on your pocket too.  Checking out furniture deals, or even shopping online for the best available furniture deals on various websites, can be the best way to get the furniture for your dream home.

The next best thing to do while shopping for furniture is to consult an interior designer, or a interior decorator, that way you can be sure that you not only get the best deal on furniture, but also the exact shape, size and material of furniture that will enhance the look of any of your rooms.  Just make sure the interior designer, or decorator, is reliable and trustworthy and keeps up their promises of delivering the best to you.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Furnishing a Small Space

Furnishing a small space can be a challenging task.  Manufacturers are giving more and more importance to small space furniture in all shapes and sizes, so it is not a frustrating task anymore.  A little foresight, the right scale furniture, and planning a balanced arrangement of furniture can help you live comfortably in the stylish space that you dreamed of.

It is important to keep your floor plan in mind before planning your furnishing.  The right scale furnishing with multi functionality is the key for a creative and comfortable small space.  Oversized or large furniture takes up most of the space and makes the space look smaller.  Cluttering your space with quite a lot of furniture gives the impression of cramped space.  So choosing the right scale furniture with built in storage space is a must. You can try an ottoman with storage space as a center table, replace a couch that would take up a large space with a love seat, use a chest of drawers or cabinets instead of dressers, use a sofa bed, and so on.

If you use an interior designer, you will find that interior designers, or decorators, can create an illusion of spaciousness by creatively planning color, lighting and window treatments, along with coordinating furniture and other accessories.  If you are planning to make your small space stylish and comfortable then going through many interior designers work will help you get ideas from them.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tips for Living Room Renovation

Renovating a living room is not a task to be done in a hurry.  Your living room is the eye opener of your home.  Your living room presents the genuine first impression of your person and home.  Planning and taking extra precautions is important before you start working on renovating your living room.

A few questions that you need to ask yourself before you start renovating are: do I need a renovation right now? What would be the cost? How much time is needed? Will I get a resale value after renovation? How can I be sure to get the work done right and on time?

Try to find out the answers for all above questions and then start working on your project.  Answers for these questions can be found by knowing your budget. Your budget can be found by going through the cost of materials needed, and the charges of contracts or interior designers.

Now that you have your approximate budget, it is time to take a survey on best available interior designers, or decorators, who would be trustworthy and professional.  You can get ideas from friends and neighbors, and do online searches to check the credentials of the designers.  You can check the interior designer’s previous projects to get a peek into the nature of their work.  Discuss your project and budget in detail with your interior designer first, and if everything is to your liking then sign up with them.  You should keep a close watch on the time and budget allotted for renovation.  Your interior designer should know that renovating your living room should not make your resale value go down.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Accessorizing and Designing the Kitchen

Accessorizing and designing a kitchen is the most challenging task for a homeowner or an interior designer.  Kitchen designing has its own limitations, such as space, functionality, storage, and much more.  Designing and accessorizing within a limited space can be challenging, yet a fun way to be creative.  Interior designers, with their professional experience, come up with great design ideas that make your kitchen look attractive and achieve the perfect functionality.

Once a kitchen has been designed (keeping in mind the storage and organizational aspects, along with space and functionality) then comes accessorizing. Accessorizing the kitchen counter tops can be fun; you can add fresh flowers in a beautiful vase in the corner of the counter top, or keep potted plants near the kitchen window to give your kitchen a fresh look.  You can try decorative back splashes that make a statement, a pretty bowl filled with fresh fruits that can add instant drama to your kitchen, glass jars with pasta, or your kids favorite candies on counter top. Kitchen appliances that are regularly used can be arranged neatly on the counter tops; though you should be weary of overdoing it because cluttered counter tops look messy.

Lighting fixtures can also add warmth and appeal to your kitchen. Under cabinet task lighting, decorative wall sconces, and stylish pendant lighting for your island can enhance the look of your kitchen. In addition, decorative flooring, or accent rugs, can add zest to your kitchen.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Luxurious Living Room with an Interior Designer

Interior decorating a luxurious living room can be a challenging task for an interior designer.  As the budget is never a problem here, the interior designer needs to live up to the challenge and meet the client’s expectations and taste.

The first thing an interior designer faces in any luxurious living room is the large space, in a luxurious living room design the space is often large than any moderate home and dealing with the larger space can be challenging as the wall space is larger and you need to design them very creatively without making the room look too cluttered or ordinary.

Perfect planning is required with great attention to minute details like the perfect size of furniture and the placement.   The materials used for window coverings or the cushions needs to be the best and spell luxury.  Fireplace is an added luxury in most of the larger living room and can look elegant when done creatively.  Lighting fixture is another point that needs to be given full attention while decorating a large space, Beautiful, elegant lighting fixtures well placed and planned keeping in mind each and every corner adds to the beauty of your luxurious living room.  Discussing your taste and checking some of the other luxurious living rooms with your interior designer can reap the best results and make your Luxurious living room dream come true.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Teenager Bedroom Ideas

Teenage is one of the tricky phases of life, where you are undergoing a lot of changes and lead a stressful life.  Teenagers need privacy and wish to have a place of their own where they can retreat and feel relaxed.  They need a room that represents them and make them feel good.  The best idea to make them feel significant and all grown up is by letting them design their own bedroom.

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom can bring you and your teenager closer.  Pay attention to your teenagers likes and dislikes and discuss it with the interior designer.  Let your teenager talk frankly with the interior designer and discuss about colors, furniture, accessories and what else would look gorgeous in their bedroom.  Teenagers can even refer magazines, visit teen interior decorating forums and check out other teenagers room on internet to get ideas on colors, lighting or furnishings.

Let your teenager select the colors for his/her bedroom, teenagers most often opt for bold colors, you can visit paint stores with them, get the sample paint colors and let your teenager test it on a part of the wall and see if they like the effect of that particular color.  If not, they can always go for a lighter shade of the same hue or try different color.  You can help them mix and match colors.  If their wall colors are bold then choose the furnishings or bed covers in neutral tone.  But remember their choice comes first.

Teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedroom either reading, working on computer, working on their favorite hobbies or just relaxing.  Lighting should be able to do justice to all this activities and hence chosen and implemented wisely.  Teenagers love decorating their rooms.  They love to show off their friends how creative they are through the decor of their room.  They like to decorate their room with their photos, let them make collages using their best photos and hang them as a decor item.  Use stencils and create their favorite wordings to create impact to their bedroom.  Help them choose fabrics in their favorite colors that would make them feel comfortable and lift their mood but make sure the colors blend with the wall color and other accessories.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well Planned Lighting for your Home

Lighting is the most important aspect of any home, proper lighting enhances the ambient of your home and also makes your home look fantastic.  A good well planned and implemented lighting makes your home look warm and inviting along with adding a glint to your décor.  Interior designers plan lighting in advance according to your needs and achieve the desired effect.

Before lighting fixtures are finalized to any of your rooms, you will need to understand the necessities and the functions of that room, you should try to determine the purpose of the lighting to be used and whether it fulfills the desired purpose.  Only after planning in advance you can opt for the type of lighting that matches each room.  Lighting should set the right mood and function in the desired way.  There are various means to achieve your goal like task or desk lighting to focus on the work you do, wall sconces or focus light to add sparkle to your artwork, decorative light to add an extra touch to your décor and ambient lighting for overall lighting of a space.

Proper Lighting should be provided in walkways, staircase, sidewalks and the exterior of your home thus providing safety.  A dull lighting or improper lighting for your staircase or sidewalks can prove to be unsafe.  You can also use lighting like wall scones or flood lights for exterior décor as the first glance of any home is the exterior look and so the exterior too needs to make the best impression. You should give the same importance and priority to your exterior décor as you give to your interior decoration.

Each room needs multiple lighting like for instance kitchen is a place where several tasks are performed and needs to be well lit, you can go for under cabinet lighting along with ceiling or pendant lighting.  Living room being the most used and liked area needs varieties of lighting like task lighting to highlight artwork, table lamps for darker areas of your living room and some general lighting.  Dining room can have chandeliers or pendant lighting and some wall scones to add great ambiance.  Bedrooms should not have too bright light, wall scones or desk lamps suit your bedrooms with a dimmer switch though.  Seeking a professional interior designers help for the best suitable, functional and available lighting fixtures is the best option in terms of saving time and undue work.