Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interior Designers Suggest Animal Skin Designs

Animal skin prints have gained popularity in home décor.  Be it animal print area rugs, lamp shades, window coverings, or furniture upholstery, it is not just a fashion statement but it also represents your adventurous nature and boldness to do things differently.

Animal skin prints used excessively imbalances the look of your home. Animal skin should balance with your other decor instead of dominating them. It is best to use minimal animal skin pattern like an area rug or a throw pillow in a room to give the room a sophisticated look.

Beautiful animal skin area rugs adds a unique touch to your living space and makes it appear more striking.  To decorate your rooms and add a glamorous look to your interior designing you can add a variety of animal skin area rugs like a cow print rug which creates the warmth that you need, a tiger print rug for a safari theme that you have been craving for, a giraffe print for that nature theme, or a zebra print rug to add an exotic touch.  For a long lasting, stain proof area rug you can always opt for animal skin rug.

Animal skin area rugs or carpets add fun to your rooms and there are matching accents to go with it like table lamps, bedding, window coverings or sheets.

If your kids love their pets or animals then decorating their room with their favorite animal skin area rug on floor or on the wall as a wall art would be a good idea according to professional interior designers, as that would make the kids happy and more loving towards their pets and also making their room quite cosy and eye-catching.

Your outdoor patio or pool area can be given a wildlife, nature, or exotic look by adding appropriate animal skin area rug to that space thus protecting your floor with the durable rugs.  You can compliment these rugs with bamboo chairs to create a nature theme.

If you are unsure of which animal skin area rug would suit which room then there are always professional hands available.  A qualified interior designer is the best person to guide you through this process, as they are trained to give your home a polished effect.

There are an infinite possibilities and choices to decorate your home with attractive animal skin area rugs on floors or walls, making your living space exotic and giving you an exhilarating experience.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dining Room Colors

The dining room is a place where one shares special times and delicious food.  Dining room decorators put in a lot of thought into decorating your dining room.  A lot of emphasis goes into colors as research has shown that colors affect mind, body, and emotions, not to mention appetites.

It are dining room decorators who are solely responsible for your perfectly chosen furniture, wonderful accessories, and the colors that will make your food and the space more appealing.  If the right color is not chosen even the most exquisite furniture or accessories seems dismal, and it adversely affects the appearance of the food making it less appealing.  Your senses needs to be swayed and the eyes convinced even before your food is tasted and for that you need to give significance to colors.

You can mix and match, use bolder tones or neutral colors depending on your choice.  If you are a foodie and love to pamper your taste buds then go for lighter shades like peach, green or pink that make your food look delicious and ready to be savored.  If you wish you can use these colors as table cloth, napkins or wall color. And if your are health conscious or are trying to fight obesity, then better go for dark shades like purple or blue as they act as suppressants- you can use blue plates or blue cups to keep your weight in check.

You can create a striking effect in your dining room by painting your walls in lighter shades and in contrast to it by adding furniture, rugs, window curtains, or other décor in brighter tone.  If you are bold enough than you can consider wall textures as they add that extra zing.  Dining room designers recommend avoiding dark hues in the dining room as they may subtly affect your appetites.  Colors can also be selected based upon the theme you wish for your dining room.  

A well judged color theme can enhance the beauty of your dining room thereby creating a lively atmosphere.  All said it is always up to your choice and taste on  how you wish your dining room overall design and color to be as it represents the real you.