Sunday, January 22, 2012

Interior Design or Interior Decorating

Interior Designers and/or Interior Decorator

The difference between interior design and interior decorating is one of those things that people get confused with.  These two work together hand in hand.  If Design include everything about the space, Decorating deals with the furniture and fixtures and the lighting.  Design will be more focused on the actual room whereas Decorating deals with colors, the finishes, the fabrics and furnishings, and the accessories.  Both play an important role in creating the beauty of a room.  So these are inseparable parts.  That is why it makes sense to hire an Interior Designer who not only has the interior design skills but also has interior decoration knowledge.

Of particular worth is the distinguishing of design for commercial and residential projects.  A cheap Chicago hotel shared with us that they always use a designer when they refresh their rooms, although they include architects when they do major renovations on their hotel lobby.

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