Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well Planned Lighting for your Home

Lighting is the most important aspect of any home, proper lighting enhances the ambient of your home and also makes your home look fantastic.  A good well planned and implemented lighting makes your home look warm and inviting along with adding a glint to your décor.  Interior designers plan lighting in advance according to your needs and achieve the desired effect.

Before lighting fixtures are finalized to any of your rooms, you will need to understand the necessities and the functions of that room, you should try to determine the purpose of the lighting to be used and whether it fulfills the desired purpose.  Only after planning in advance you can opt for the type of lighting that matches each room.  Lighting should set the right mood and function in the desired way.  There are various means to achieve your goal like task or desk lighting to focus on the work you do, wall sconces or focus light to add sparkle to your artwork, decorative light to add an extra touch to your décor and ambient lighting for overall lighting of a space.

Proper Lighting should be provided in walkways, staircase, sidewalks and the exterior of your home thus providing safety.  A dull lighting or improper lighting for your staircase or sidewalks can prove to be unsafe.  You can also use lighting like wall scones or flood lights for exterior décor as the first glance of any home is the exterior look and so the exterior too needs to make the best impression. You should give the same importance and priority to your exterior décor as you give to your interior decoration.

Each room needs multiple lighting like for instance kitchen is a place where several tasks are performed and needs to be well lit, you can go for under cabinet lighting along with ceiling or pendant lighting.  Living room being the most used and liked area needs varieties of lighting like task lighting to highlight artwork, table lamps for darker areas of your living room and some general lighting.  Dining room can have chandeliers or pendant lighting and some wall scones to add great ambiance.  Bedrooms should not have too bright light, wall scones or desk lamps suit your bedrooms with a dimmer switch though.  Seeking a professional interior designers help for the best suitable, functional and available lighting fixtures is the best option in terms of saving time and undue work.

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