Thursday, June 13, 2013

Accessorizing and Designing the Kitchen

Accessorizing and designing a kitchen is the most challenging task for a homeowner or an interior designer.  Kitchen designing has its own limitations, such as space, functionality, storage, and much more.  Designing and accessorizing within a limited space can be challenging, yet a fun way to be creative.  Interior designers, with their professional experience, come up with great design ideas that make your kitchen look attractive and achieve the perfect functionality.

Once a kitchen has been designed (keeping in mind the storage and organizational aspects, along with space and functionality) then comes accessorizing. Accessorizing the kitchen counter tops can be fun; you can add fresh flowers in a beautiful vase in the corner of the counter top, or keep potted plants near the kitchen window to give your kitchen a fresh look.  You can try decorative back splashes that make a statement, a pretty bowl filled with fresh fruits that can add instant drama to your kitchen, glass jars with pasta, or your kids favorite candies on counter top. Kitchen appliances that are regularly used can be arranged neatly on the counter tops; though you should be weary of overdoing it because cluttered counter tops look messy.

Lighting fixtures can also add warmth and appeal to your kitchen. Under cabinet task lighting, decorative wall sconces, and stylish pendant lighting for your island can enhance the look of your kitchen. In addition, decorative flooring, or accent rugs, can add zest to your kitchen.

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