Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Furnishing a Small Space

Furnishing a small space can be a challenging task.  Manufacturers are giving more and more importance to small space furniture in all shapes and sizes, so it is not a frustrating task anymore.  A little foresight, the right scale furniture, and planning a balanced arrangement of furniture can help you live comfortably in the stylish space that you dreamed of.

It is important to keep your floor plan in mind before planning your furnishing.  The right scale furnishing with multi functionality is the key for a creative and comfortable small space.  Oversized or large furniture takes up most of the space and makes the space look smaller.  Cluttering your space with quite a lot of furniture gives the impression of cramped space.  So choosing the right scale furniture with built in storage space is a must. You can try an ottoman with storage space as a center table, replace a couch that would take up a large space with a love seat, use a chest of drawers or cabinets instead of dressers, use a sofa bed, and so on.

If you use an interior designer, you will find that interior designers, or decorators, can create an illusion of spaciousness by creatively planning color, lighting and window treatments, along with coordinating furniture and other accessories.  If you are planning to make your small space stylish and comfortable then going through many interior designers work will help you get ideas from them.

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