Monday, September 3, 2012

Interior Designer or Decorator

Whom to hire? An interior designer or an interior decorator? Before you start thinking on these lines you should know the difference between the designer and the decorator.  Even before this is answered you should be able to answer what you need: are you in search of someone who can guide you in decorating your home, or are you looking for someone who can take care of not only beautification of your home, but also other responsibilities involving building structure, building permits and so on?

Once you are sure about this, then you can hire the one who fulfils your needs.  Both interior designers and decorators work hard to provide you a beautiful functional space that you would be proud to show off to your family and friends.

Your interior decorator works towards interior decoration by looking into different aspects involving the beautification of your space by choosing right fixtures, furnishings, surfaces, paint, window treatments, wall coverings and fabric, keeping in mind your preferences and personality. To achieve this they may meet you regularly, try to get an idea of your interests, and work towards achieving it, by guiding you through the right items in the right place, thus reflecting your personality.  Your decorators need not know the safety and building codes, and are not involved in designing the layout of your space.  Decorators work towards beautification of your home. Decorators need to be talented and artistic in order to meet your expectations and create an attractive space.

Whereas if you are concerned not only about attractive functional space, but also wish someone to look into safety codes and building codes, make suggestions in regards to architectural changes and design the layout of your floor plan, than you need an interior designer.  Your interior designer takes care of all these aspects and at the same time plays a role of a decorator by suggesting and choosing colors, furnishings, lighting and other d├ęcor.  Your interior designer has to plan in such a way that he takes into consideration all the interests and needs of your family members.

Whether you hire an interior designer or an interior decorator they should be friendly, attentive and talented enough so as to completely satisfy your needs with an awesome interior within the timeframe and the stipulated budget.  Their main concern should be you, your family’s safety, and the budget, along with a beautiful functional space.

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