Friday, December 14, 2012

Importance of colors for your interiors

Color is life, life without colors is unimaginable and unexciting.  Color plays a very important role in the interior decoration of your home.  Colors create mood and make your home look stylish and beautiful.

The best resource for the selection of colors for your home is your interior designer.  Interior designers have a vast knowledge of color and its effect, the combinations to be used, the contrast to be selected, the finishings suitable for your home, and all other special effects that would suit your interiors.

Colors are said to have a psychological effect and thus need to be selected wisely.  As color choice is personal and one color that you like may not be liked by the other members of your family, before choosing colors, sit and discuss the color chart or go through the color wheel and decide on the color that would be comfortable, bright and pleasing to your family.

Color should complement the furnishings, match the fabric, accentuate the other décor items of your home.   Neutral colors are always pleasing, calm and graceful and go well with any kind of décor you choose for your home.  Neutral colors like white, off-white or grey creates a soothing effect.  If you feel the neutral color could get too monotonous then you can complement it through dark or bold color furniture or window treatments.  Any artwork or frames look beautiful on a neutral color wall.

If you love bold and dark colors like red, purple or other bold colors, you can incorporate them in the form of furniture, window treatments or lighting fixtures or carpets.   But if you wish to color your walls in bold, then you can color one or two of your wall in your favorite color making it the focal point of your room and keep the other wall colors in neutral shades.  If you paint all the four walls of your room in one bold color, such as red, then it can get on your nerves and make you jittery after a while.

You can also use contrast colors for your walls and furnishings.  Contrast colors should be chosen in such a way that it complements each other.  If not, it will look odd in your room and make your room appear uninviting and unwelcoming.  If you want to mix and match colors then it is best to experiment with samples before you get into action.  Colors reflect your moods and nature.  Make a safe choice and be proud of owning a stylish and beautiful home.

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